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Student Life in Tromsø

Tromsø is located at 70 degrees north latitude in Norway, which means above the polar circle. This makes Tromsø a rather exotic place and our university the northernmost university of the world. Here you can experience polar nights and midnight sun, not to mention the famous northern lights. The city with it's approximately 60 000 inhabitants is located at the seaside and surrounded by mountains. Read more










People loving nature can enjoy a whole range of outdoor activities from fishing, hiking, kayaking and moutain-biking to winter activities such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and ice-fishing. Read more

The university offers foreign students cross-country ski, boots and poles rentals for only 100 NOK (ca. 13 EUR/18 USD) per winter season. Also bikes are for rent on a daily/half-daily bases for a fee. Read more


The climate in Tromsø can be challenging, not so much for a husky, but for a foreign student and we certainly encourage you to bring warm clothes! Read more


North Norwegians, in contrast, have a reputation for being warm and lively people - and to give you the opportunity to get to know them better, the university offers free Norwegian language courses.


More than 10 000 students study in Tromsø, which makes student life exciting. With a high density of cafés and bars, there is much going on, especially on the weekends. One example is the Tromsø International Film Festival, which attracted over 46 000 visitors in 2007 and turns the city literally upside down for a couple of days. Annually, one film is assigned the Norwegian Peace Film Award, a project in which you can actively participate as a student of our programme.

Reception at the CPS

Of course there are more possibilities to get involved at the university itself. A variaty of activities and associations run for and by students provide great opportunites for sport and leisure. Some of the most popular are the Tromsø Student Athletic club (TSI), the student sport centre on campus KRAFT, the student newspaper Utropia and the student house Driv, that organises concerts on a regular bases. Read more The Centre for Peace Studies itself arranges events, that you can help to arrange or partcipate in. See also Activities




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