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Fávllis - Sámi fisheries research network

Fávllis — Sámi fisheries research network was established in 2003 after an initiative from the Centre for Sámi Studies at the University of Tromsø. Fávllis in Sámi means “to be out at sea”.

The network consists of employees from several research institutions and local competence centres that through various ways engage themselves in resource management, legal rights issues and/or the cultural and economic situation in the coastal Sámi areas. The aim of Fávllis is to generate new knowledge for Norwegian and Sámi resource and environmental management and to contribute to multiple and cross-disciplinary cooperation between research institutions, and also promote research recruitment with relevance for Sámi fisheries. In addition, the Fávllis network has a strategic aim to contribute to Sámi fisheries becoming a prioritized research field.

Research in the Fávllis network

Participants in Fávllis network

Some Fávllis-news:

8 October 2012: Workshop The Future of Sami Fisheries Research: Read more

Workshop 8 October 2012: The Future of Sami Fisheries Research. Read more

Worshop in Munich at the Rachel Carson Center: Salmon Voices: Indigenous Peoples and the Fish Farming Industry

Favllis sluttseminar i Manndalen, Kåfjord 17.-18. oktober 2011. The conference mark the end of the Favllis projekt and will focus on the results. The conference will be in norwegian language only. Program here. Deadline for registration is 7 October. More information here

Meeting with the project Earthducation

Else Grete Broderstad and E. Eythorsson - Tipping points, fishery management and local communities. Arctic Frontiers January 27 2011, Science section programme (updated programme in the right side menu)

Camilla Brattland: Report from research stay in Canada: Fisheries and First Nations

The first Fávllis-project has arranged a summing up seminar in Porsanger on the topics: Local ecological knowledge, coastal Sami communitities, and processes of change. Research results on fjord ecology and local knowledge were presented. More information: in Norwegian.

Report on indigenous fishing rights in the seas with case studies from Australia and Norway

From the Arctic Governance Project: Indigenous approaches to fisheries

Smørfjord i Porsanger. Foto: Svanhild Andersen

Smørfjord in Porsanger
Photo: Svanhild Andersen

Fjordfiske i Kåfjord, Troms. Foto: Camilla Brattland

Fjord fishing in Kåfjord, Troms.
Photo: Camilla Brattland


Varangerfjorden. Foto: Pål Nilsen

The Varangerfjord, view of Háškasuolu, Návdesuolu and Viernjárga.
Photo: Pål Nilsen


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