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Faculty of Health Sciences

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Employees and students at the Faculty of Health Sciences communicate knowledge
to each other every day. On this page you will find a summary of some of the activities.

(This page is under construction)


  • News from the Faculty of Health Sciences (online news - Norwegian only)
  • Medflaket (archive, The Faculty´s printed Newspaper - Norwegian only)
  • News from the units at the faculty
  • News from the University of Tromsø (Norwegian only)
  • Labyrint (The University´s information journal - Norwegian only)
  • Forskning.no - national online journal co-owned by the University of Tromsø
    (Norwegian only)
  • ScienceNordic, launched in November 2011, is the trusted source for science news from the Nordic countries – in English. We cover science in the broadest sense – the human sciences as well as natural science, health and technology.

Lectures, conferences, courses, exhibitions and other activities:

Research communication:


Information for journalists:

Information for employees - communication advice:

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