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The Centre for Peace Studies’ current lead research unit is the International Research Group on Reintegration (IRGR) which focuses specifically on the understudied, yet essential, process of ex-combatant reintegration. The IRGR’s focus is away from the more technical “lessons learned” research that has typified reintegration studies, rather aiming to understanding the overlapping social, political, and economic dimensions of ex-combatant reintegration.

The IRGR has recently launched a new study series profiling the reintegration processes of revolutionary combatants in Nepal, disillusioned ex-Talibans in Afghanistan, and ex-pirates in Somalia. You can find more information about the IRGR and the new study series here.

Other research conducted at the Center for Peace Studies is executed in tandem with the Master Programme in Peace and Conflict Transformation; the Centre’s vibrant international study program. While the research pursued at the Centre for Peace Studies tends to be expansive and interdisciplinary, a recent emphasis has revolved around post-war processes. Within this theme several key focuses emerge:

  • Peacemaking and Mediation
  • Peacebuilding and Development
  • Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration
  • Transitional Justice
  • Political Economy of Peace / Conflict
  • Education in post-war settings
  • Truth and Reconciliation
  • Gender Perspectives on Post-War Processes

In addition, some of the Centre for Peace Studies’ past thematic focuses include:

CPS Research Strategy 2010-2013
This is the first comprehensive attempt at developing a research strategy at CPS. It involves a step-by-step mobilisation of ideas and resources towards the realisation of the centre's mandate. All of the outlined research themes remain mostly unfunded, making this atransitional phase for testing ideas and mobilising resources. Read more

Are you interested in being  a Visiting Fellow?
The Centre for Peace Studies (CPS) welcomes applications from scholars and practitioners whose interests are in direct relevanse to CPS research priorities and outreach policy (see CPS policy statement at wwww.peace.uit.no). Read more

Are you interested in being a Resident Peace Scholar?
The Centre for Peace Studies (CPS) welcomes applications from researchers and scholars at the University of Tromsø (UiT) whose interest are directly relevant to CPS research and outreach priorities (see CPS policy statement at www.peace.uit.no). Read more

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