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Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education (HSL-fak.)


Contact Information

Here you will find contact information for the various student receptions and meeting-points in the different wings, including contact information for the faculty management, the administration and the different departments and units.

 Student Reception - D-wing (HSL-fak)

 776 44300

 Student Reception Mellomvegen

 776 60428

 Meeting-point - Breiviklia

 776 23219

 Meeting-point - A-wing

 776 44247

 Meeting-point - Department of Education

 776 45286

 Psychology/Social Anthropology/VKS

 776 45290


 Faculty Management

 Faculty Administration


Department of Language and Linguistics

Head of Department: Endre Mørck

Office Manager: Jorun Nordmo


Department of Culture and Literature
Head of Department: Cathrine Theodorsen

Office Manager: Lise Myrvang


Department of Education
Head of Department: Sonni Olsen

Office Manager: Chris Bull-Berg


Department of Philosophy
Head of Department: Jan Harald Alnes 

Office Manager: Pål Bye Jensen


Department of History and Religious Studies
Head of Department: Fredrik Fagertun 

Office Manager: Tore Børseth Bentz 


Department of Sociology, Political Science and Community Studies
Head of Department: Anne Britt Flemmen 

Office Manager: Hege Folkedal


Department of Archeology and Social Anthropology
Head of Department: Gøril Nilsen 

Office Manager: Merete Johansen


Centre for Peace Studies
Head of Department: Christine Smith-Simonsen

Office Manager: Elisabeth Sandersen


Centre for Sami Studies
Head of Department: Else Grete Broderstad

Office Manager: Hildegunn Bruland


Centre for Women's and Gender Research
Head of Department: Siri Gerrard

Office Manager: Lise Nordbrønd












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776 44300




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