The UiT International Office handles admission of international applicants.

Please check if you are an international applicant:

International degree programmes and English taught courses are offered at all seven faculties.

  Exchange Studies

UiT has around 400 exchange agreements with partner institutions from all over the world. We welcome students through bilateral agreements or international exchange programmes. 

  English taught courses
    Application Deadline: 1 Oct / 15 APRIL

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  Degree studies

UiT offeres a broad variety of graduate and undergraduate degree programmes. Most of the programmes are taught at Campus Tromsø. Bachelor's degrees are delivered  at Campus Alta.

  English taught degree programmes
    Application Deadline: 1 December
         1 March - only For CONTEMPORARY ART

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  One-year programmes

The Faculty of Finnmark at Campus Alta offers undergraduate programmes over two semesters. Subjects range from Tourism, English, Norwegian and Northern Studies.

  English taught one-year programmes
    Application Deadline: 1 December

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  Degrees Taught in Norwegian

Applicants with a proof of Norwegian proficiency at advanced level can apply through regular admission to Norwegian taught programmes as long as they meet the general Norwegian Higher Education Entrance Qualifiation.

Norwegian taught programmes
   Application Deadline: 15 April

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