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Graduate and Undergraduate Degree Studies

Campus Alta offers several English-taught programmes with application deadline 1 March! Check out your possibilities!

UiT The Arctic University of Norway is a state university and therefore publicly funded. Students do not pay tuition fee, only a semester registration fee of NOK 500. International students may apply as self-financing students or as Quota Scheme students.

 Are you an international applicant?

   Campus Tromsø

 Campus Alta

UiT Campus Tromsø offers more than 20 English-taught master's degree programmes.

Admission Requirements:

Study options:

Application deadline:

  • 1 December 

Please note that the online application system for our Master's degree programmes opens only on 1 September. Prepare your application by following the instructions given in the application guide.

UiT Campus Alta offers currently one English-taught master's degree, two bachelor's degree and several 1-year programmes.

Application deadline: 1 March!

Admission Requirements:

Study options:

For information about Norwegian-taught studies please visit UiT's Norwegian study catalogue.

   Self-financing Applicants

   Quota Scheme Scholarships

Self-financing degree students provide their own funding to cover their living expenses in Norway.

Applicants from NON-EU/EEA countries have to document that they can cover their living expenses during their study period when applying for a visa to Norwegian authorities. According to the rules set by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) the necessary amount of money per academic year to be documented is currently 94 400 NOK (approx. 15 600 USD /11 800 EURO).

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The Quota Scheme is open to students from certain developing countries. The scholarship covers living expenses in Norway according to the rules set by Norwegian government.

Only students from UiT's partner institutions can apply as Quota students to UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Applications without a connection to UiT's Quota partner institutions will not be considered.

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Education Agents

In the last couple of years the university has seen a large increase in the number of applications handled and submitted by education agents. Applications received from such agents are not given higher priority or any other advantages compared to applications which are processed and submitted by individual applicants themselves.