In 2018, 50 years have passed since Stortinget (the Norwegian National Assembly) enacted the establishment of a university in the northern region of Norway. Half a century later, UiT the Arctic University of Norway has firmly established its stature as a multidisciplinary university. In doing so, it has become the driving force of the north for the advancement of education and knowledge. While 2018 provides a milestone opportunity for us to celebrate these many achievements, it also allows us to demonstrate the important role, and significant contributions, that UiT has accomplished in the fields of research, education, innovation and knowledge dissemination.

Weekly podcast
Bærekraftig reiseliv?
Nina K. Prebensen, professor ved UiT Norges arktiske universitet
Weekly podcast
Hvem har rett til ressursene i Antarktis?
Øyvind Stokke, førsteamanuensis ved UiT Norges arktiske universitet
Weekly artwork
Seasons (polym. Cadmium orange)
Harald Fenn

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