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Public records

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Section for planning and governance, Department of IT services   
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
PO Box 6050 Langnes
Tel.+47 77 64 50 90
E-mail: postmottak@uit.no

This service contains public information about documents from the university’s electronic archive, cf. the Act relating to the right of access to documents held by public authorities and public undertakings (Freedom of Information Act).

The data in the public records is published with a three-day delay and one year back in time. The actual documents are not available electronically via this service.

Documents may be ordered electronically via the order function on this page. Such orders are processed in accordance with the university’s regulations concerning the processing of requests for the right of access to documents.

See separate pages for items dealt with by the University Board.

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How to search:

  • For documents entered into the records on a specific data: select the date on the large calendar.
  • For a period: select the dates in the calendar that appears in “from date” and “to date”.
  • Search for words in the title and/or document description (NB: this is “and-search” where all stipulated criteria must be satisfied):
    • You may abbreviate words by using % (e.g. opptak% = all words beginning with opptak).
    • You may combine words by using spaces, either in the same search field or in combination in the two search fields (the latter is not recommended).

You may search for words in Norwegian or English.

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