Bilde av Odeberg, Jacob
Bilde av Odeberg, Jacob
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Jacob Odeberg

Professor/Senior Consultant

Job description

Professor at Department of Clinical Medicine.

Senior Consultant, Unit Leader for Acute Medicine, Department of Medicine, University Hospital North Norway

  • Hanna Englert, Josephine Göbel, Danika Khong, Maryam Omidi, Nina Wolska, Sandra Konrath et al.:
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  • Melody Chemaly, David Marlevi, Maria Jesus Iglesias, Mariette Lengquist, Malin Kronqvist, Daniel Bos et al.:
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    Biomolecules 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Fredrik Edfors, Maria Jesus Iglesias, Lynn Butler, Jacob Odeberg :
    Proteomics in thrombosis research
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  • Ozvan Bocher, Thomas E. Ludwig, Marie-Sophie Oglobinsky, Gaëlle Marenne, Jean-François Deleuze, Suryakant Suryakant et al.:
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  • Marthe Norreen-Thorsen, Eike Christopher Struck, Sofia Maria Öling, Martin Zwahlen, Kalle Von Feilitzen, Jacob Odeberg et al.:
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  • Philip Smith, Axel Rosell, Maria Farm, Maria Bruzelius, Katherina Aguilera Gatica, Nigel Mackman et al.:
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  • Philip James Dusart, Björn M. Hallström, Thomas Renne, Jacob Olof Odeberg, Mathias Uhlén, Lynn Butler :
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    20. Iglesias MJ, Kruse LD, Sanchez-Rivera L, Enge L, Dusart P, Hong MG, Uhlén M, Renné T, Schwenk JM, Bergstrom G, Odeberg J, Butler LM (2021) Identification of endothelial-derived proteins in plasma associated with cardiovascular risk factors. medRxiv

    Research interests

    Biomarkers for prediction, diagnosis and prognosis of arterial and venous thrombosis

    Biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis in COVID-19 disease

    Pathophysiology of thrombosis


    Member of research group


    Education and postdoctoral experience

    1985-90           M.Sci. in Chemical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

    1993-98           Ph.D. in Biochemistry, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

    1995-2002       Medical Degree (MD), Karolinska Institute (KI), Sweden.                                          

    2002-05           Post doc, Dept of Medicine, Atherosclerosis Research Unit, KI, Sweden

    2005                Licensed physician, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden          

    2013                Specialist certification in Internal Medicine and Haematology, Sweden


    Academic positions

    2000-05           Researcher group leader, Dept. of Molecular Biotechnology, KTH, Sweden

    2006-08           Associate Professor, Dept. of Gene Technology, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

    2006-12           Senior Researcher, Dept. of Medicine, Karolinska Institute (KI), Sweden.

    2008-12           Associate Professor, Dept. of Proteomics, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden

    2013-               Professor in Clinically Applied Proteomics, KTH, SciLifeLab Stockholm, Sweden

    2018-               Professor in Medicine (Haematology), Dept. of Clinical Medicine, The Arctic University of Norway (UiT), Tromsø, Norway

    2021 -             Affiliation: Associated Investigator EMBL Centre for Molecular Medicine, Norway


    Clinical positions

    2002-05           Internship, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

    2005-13           Resident in Internal Medicine & Haematology, Karolinska University Hospital

    2013-18           Consultant in Haematology, Coagulation unit, Karolinska University Hospital

    2018-               Senior Consultant, Unit leader for Emergency Medicine, Division of Medicine, University Hospital North Norway (UNN), Tromsø, Norway



    2002-2005       Clinical Intern Research Fellowship, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

    2008-12           Clinical Senior Researcher Fellowship, Stockholm County Council, Sweden


    Publication bibliometrics

    Peer reviewed original research publications: 95

    Total peer reviewed articles: 100

    Total citations: 12801


    Supervision of PhD students:

    Ongoing PhDs: 1 as main supervisor.

    Completed PhDs: 3 as main supervisor, 5 as co-supervisor.