Ole K Greiner-Tollersrud

Biochemistry professor

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    Research interests

    My research interest is concentrated in the proteins within the secretory room among eukaryotes, mainly humans.  I define the secretory room as all extracellular space in the organism, including the outer part of the cell membrane, and the lysosomes.  The secretory room can be divided into two major parts divided by the blood-brain barrier, the peripheral, including the vascular system,  and the central, which is the brain. 

    Nearly all of the proteins within the secretory room are N-glycosylated, and the N-glycans can possess a large array of different structures and functions.  We call this a glycan language.  Though my research I strive to translate the glycan-language.  Presently I concentrate on the three proteins lysosomal alpha-mannosidase, arylsulphatase B and eNPP6.


    Member of research group