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Senior Adviser

Gunhild Årnes Guttvik

Deputy head of section and senioradvicor Financial and Organization Section Helsefak
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Personal information:
 -Born 28.04.1979
 -1 child


1 January 2019- Now: The University of Tromsø, Faculty of Health Sciences - Section for Organization and Finance

1 April 2010- 31.12.2018: The University of Tromsø, Faculty of Health Sciences - Section for Human Resources and Financial Services

Human resources advisor/deputy head of section  100 % permanent position.

1 January 2009-31.03.2010       Adecco Norge AS

Consultant 100 % permanent position.

- Responsible for recruitment of candidates to educational personnel, supply and logistics,
  and sales within the sector of construction and industry
- Responsible for all follow up of clients and temporary staff as mentioned above
- Responsible for salaries
- Responsible for interview training at the career centre
- Guidance for educational personnel

1 February 2008 – 31.12.2008 Adecco Norge AS Tromsø

Head of department B&I Troms 100 % permanent position.

Responsible department construction and industry Troms county

-1 cost centre divided between 2 offices (Harstad and Tromsø)
-Responsibility for three consultants (Personnel matters)
-Responsible for sales and marketing

1 September 2005 – 1 February 2008 Adecco Norge AS Tromsø

Consultant 100 % permanent position

-Responsible for recruitment of candidates to Posten Norge AS, other clients in supply and  
 logistics , educational personnel,  construction and industry.
-Responsible for all follow up of clients/temporary staff  as mentioned above.

1 August 2004-1 September 2005 cultural kindergarten  Tromsø

Head of educational personnel  100 % permanent position

-Health and safety officer
-Responsible for drama teaching department Tusseskogen, 0-6 years
-Reorganised the department
-Involved in employing new assistant

1 November 2003- 1 August 2004 Tromsø

Maternity leave

1 April 2003 – 1 November 2003 Tromsø county, department for culture and sports, Alfheim swimming pool and Nautilus gym 

Project manager/acting manager

-Compilation of internal supervision for the unit.
-Evaluation of the organization, swimming pool and gym in a financial context.
-Evaluation of the gym in relation to the skills of the employees, worked out a plan of action.
-Went through matters of personnel for the entire company, worked out a plan of action.
-Worked out recommendation regarding rotation/working hours.
-Responsibility for interview and employment of new temporary employees.
-Responsible for staff meetings, performance interviews, follow up of finance and rotation 

February 2002 – March 2003 Seljestad primary school Harstad

Head of class

-Teacher for 3rd grade class
-Responsible for social events
-Responsible for Christmas party for the entire staff of 40, administrative staff included
-Certificate of competence: participated and passed course in lifesaving
-Responsible for all swimming training for 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes

Summer 2002 Star Tour Gran Canaria

Head of service in temporary position

-Responsibility for personnel and instruction of 13 guides.
-Star Tour manager at the airport.
-Responsibility for finance

2001-2002 Star Tour Gran Canaria

Travel representative

Summer 2001 Star Tour Gran Canaria

Head of children´s clubs “Bamseklubben” and “Super Kids”

-Plan and carry out activities for children in the age group 4-11 years


2011 -         University of Tromsø

Experience-based Master´s degree Program in management

1999-2001 Queen Maud´s College of Early Childhood Education (DMMH), Trondheim

- spokesperson for 2 semesters
- worked at refugee camp in second year practice. Was involved in starting up a
   kindergarten for the children at the camp, in addition I lived there the entire period in order
   to be in close proximity to the families and the children.
- lectured about multicultural understanding to last year students with 90 students in each 
  class after practice in refugee camp in project arranged by DMMH.
- Was in Zambia and had responsibility for a 1st grade class at a school there for 1 ½ months 
   in the 3rd year of study.

Positions i Rotaract Tromsø:
President 2007/2008 management development, network building,  among other things 17 members

K0, K1, K2, K3 (consultant courses), interview course, presentation course, program administration course(IT), LUP1: Manager development programme (4 gatherings).


Deputy head of section in Section for Human Resources and Financial Services.

Contact regarding human resources and appointment issues for:  

Department of Health and Care Sciences (IHO)

Section for Research Services

Section for Dissemination Services

Section for Human Resources and Financial Services

Office of the Faculty Director

REK (Regional committees for medical research ethics)

In addition I work with organisation development and additional development work related to human resources and management at the Faculty of Health Sciences

In addition, if need,  I can be part of assessment committees regarding evaluation of candidates´ personal suitability for positions.