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Photo: Kai Mortensen
Postdoctoral Fellow

Mun, Yulia

Department of Geosciences
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  • Mun, Yulia; Palinkas, Sabina Strmic; Kullerud, Kåre. The Role of Mineral Assemblages in the Environmental Impact of Cu-Sulfide Deposits: A Case Study from Norway. Minerals 2021; Volum 11. ISSN 2075-163X.s 1 - 20.s doi: 10.3390/min11060627.

  • Mun, Yulia; Strmic Palinkas, Sabina; Forwick, Matthias; Junttila, Juho; Pedersen, Kristine Bondo; Sternal, Beata; Neufeld, Kai; Tibljaš, Darko; Kullerud, Kåre. Stability of Cu-sulfides in submarine tailing disposals: A case study from Repparfjorden, Northern Norway. Minerals 2020; Volum 10 (2). ISSN 2075-163X.s 1 - 34.s doi: 10.3390/min10020169.

  • Mun, Yulia; Strmic Palinkas, Sabina; Kullerud, Kåre; Nilsen, Kjell S.; Neufeld, Kai; Bekker, Andrey. Evolution of metal-bearing fluids at the Nussir and Ulveryggen sediment-hosted Cu deposits, Repparfjord Tectonic Window, northern Norway. Norwegian Journal of Geology 2020; Volum 100 (202011). ISSN 2387-5844.s doi: 10.17850/njg100-2-5.

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