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Siri Kristine Knudsen

Associate professor

  • Terje D. Josefsen, Torill Mørk, Karen Kristine Sørensen, Siri Kristine Knudsen, Hege J. Hasvold, Line Olsen :
    Funn ved obduksjon og undersøkelse av organer fra rein 1998-2011
    Norsk Veterinærtidsskrift 2014
  • Siri Kristine Knudsen :
    A review of the criteria used to assess insensibility and death in hunted whales compared to other species
    The Veterinary Journal 2005
  • Siri Kristine Knudsen, Egil Ole Øen :
    Blast-induced neurotrauma in whales
    Neuroscience research 2003
  • Egil Ole Øen, Pierre-Yves Daoust, Jan Danielsson, Lars Folkow, Jean Francoise Gosselin, Ole Heinrich et al.:
    Report of the NAMMCO expert group meeting on best practice in the hunting and killing of seals
  • Egil Ole Øen, Bjarne Olai Braastad, Lars Folkow, tore Haug, Siri Kristine Knudsen :
    Scientific Opinion on animal welfare aspects of the killing and skinning of seals in the Norwegian seal hunt
  • Bjarne Olai Braastad, Egil Ole Øen, Lars Folkow, Tore Haug, Siri Kristine Knudsen, Jon Martin Arnemo et al.:
    Scientific Opinion on animal welfare aspects of the killing and skinning in the Norwegian seal hunt. Opinion of the Panel on Animal Health and Welfare of the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety
  • Siri Kristine Knudsen, EO Oen, L Walloe :
    Minke whale hunt and animal welfare
    Animal Welfare 2007

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