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Hormes, Anne

Department of Geosciences
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I’m a Quaternary Geologist with more than 20 years of experience in climate change, geohazards and geological processes. My expertise toolbox ranges from fieldwork in extremely remote regions to remote sensing and geochronological methods. I have led geological fieldwork on Svalbard, the Alps and Swedish Lapland. 

My contributions to improve indispensable knowledge for practical and applied challenges in environmental and geohazard issues has been my driver for many years since I have been working for the Italian agency for environmental protection and the Swiss geotechnical company Solexperts.

Working in a team and mentoring students and younger colleagues in high mountain regions is especially rewarding for me. My responsibility as project leader in remote Arctic field areas propelled my engagement in the Longyearbyen Red Cross and the Glacier rescue team as well as my education as Norwegian Glacier Instructor I. Climbing and mountaineering are my passion. I help you in evaluating geohazards like rock falls in mountain regions. I communicate in six languages and enjoy building personal, scientific and business networks.

Specialities: geohazards, UAV close-range sensing, Quaternary Geochronology, ArcGIS, Ramms: rockfall modeling, geological mapping, fieldwork, remote sen

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