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Doctoral Research Fellow

Svartdal, Inger Helene

Department of Social Sciences
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As a political scientist working on sustainable energy futures I am primarily interested in the social implications of energy transitions, the co-constitution of society and technology, local ownership and social acceptance of new energy solutions. My belief is that innovative technical solutions is only half the puzzle since transforming to a sustainable future require local participation and a feeling of ownership if the solutions presented are to be used to their full potential. I am involved in the project “Transformation to a Renewable & Smart Rural Power System Community (RENEW)” located at the northern end of Senja, an archipelago in Troms in Norway. (https://arc.uit.no/projects/senja). The working title of my PhD project is Transition theory illuminated: The sociotechnical energy experiment at Senja. The focus of my research is to investigate implementation of renewable energy systems in small rural communities from a social science perspective. I finished my master thesis in international relations and diplomacy in 2018 where I focused on the political discourse surrounding the Swedish refugee crisis 2015-2018.