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Amicia Lee


Job description

Postdoctoral fellow in rock deformation and electron microscopy.

Publications outside Cristin

Shao, Y., Piazolo, S., Liu, Y., Lee, AL, Jin, W., Li, W., Liang, C., & Wen, Q. (2021). Deformation behavior and inferred seismic properties of tonalitic migmatites at the time of pre-melting, partial melting and post-solidification . Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, e2020GC009202.

Lee, AL, Lloyd, GE, Torvela, T., & Walker, AM (2020). Evolution of a shear zone before, during and after melting . Journal of the Geological Society, 177 (4), 738-751.

Lee, AL, Torvela, T., Lloyd, GE, & Walker, AM (2018). Melt organization and strain partitioning in the lower crust . Journal of Structural Geology, 113, 188-199.

Lee, AL, Walker, AM, Lloyd, GE, & Torvela, T. (2017). Modeling the impact of melt on seismic properties during mountain building . Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 18 (3), 1090-1110.

Research interests

My research focuses on understanding the deformation mechanisms in mafic rocks. I study the microstructures from natural rocks in Northern Norway and shear deformation experiments performed on a Griggs Rig at Université d'Orléans in France. I completed my PhD on “ Microstructures and seismic properties of partial melt shear zones ” at the University of Leeds in 2019 (supervised by Taija Torvela, Geoff Lloyd and Andrew Walker). Where I studied 'frozen' melt microstructures in deformed migmatites and used their crystallographic data to simulate the seismic properties for exhumed sections of crust as if they were presently melting underneath continental collision zones.


Funding and Awards

Jan 2021: Early Career Researcher Representative of Tectonic Studies Group, Geological Society of London

Nov 2018: Associate Member of the Bragg Center for Materials Research

Apr 2018: School of Earth and Environment Postgraduate Researcher Publications Prize: Lee et al., (2017) Annual department award to postgraduates who produce the best publication during their PhD.

Jan 2018: Ramsay Medal, Geological Society of London - Highly Commended: Lee et al., (2017). Annual award from Tectonic Studies Group for the best publication arising directly from a PhD project in the field of tectonics and structural geology during the previous year.

April 2015: Timothy Jefferson Field Research Fund, Geological Society of London. GSL grant for fieldwork in Norway in association with PhD research.

March 2015: Clough and Mykura Fund, Edinburgh Geological Society.EGS grant for fieldwork in Scotland in association with PhD research.