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Department of Clinical Dentistry

Hadler-Olsen, Sigurd

  • Hadler-Olsen, Sigurd; Sjögren, Anders; Steinnes, Jeanett; Dubland, Mari; Bolstad, Napat Limchaichana; Pirttiniemi, Pertti; Kerosuo, Heidi; Lahdesmaki, Raija. Double vs single primary tooth extraction in interceptive treatment of palatally displaced canines: A randomized controlled trial. Angle orthodontist 2020; Volum 90. ISSN 0003-3219.s 751 - 757.s doi: 10.2319/031920-196.1.
  • Hadler-Olsen, Sigurd; Pirttiniemi, Pertti; Kerosuo, Heidi; Sjögren, Anders; Pesonen, Paula; Julku, Johanna; Lahdesmaki, Raija. Does headgear treatment in young children affect the maxillary canine eruption path?. European Journal of Orthodontics 2018; Volum 40 (6). ISSN 0141-5387.s 583 - 591.s doi: 10.1093/ejo/cjy013.
  • Hadler-Olsen, Sigurd; Pirttiniemi, Pertti; Kerosuo, Heidi Maria; Bolstad, Napat Limchaichana; Personen, Paula; Kallio-pulkkinien, Soili; Låhdesmäki, Raija. Root resorptions related to ectopic and normal eruption of maxillary canine teeth - A 3D study. (fulltekst) (sammendrag) Acta Odontologica Scandinavica 2015; Volum 73 (8). ISSN 0001-6357.s 609 - 615.s doi: 10.3109/00016357.2015.1020339.
  • Hadler-Olsen, Sigurd; Sandvik, Kristin; El-Agroundi, Mohammad A.; Øgaard, Bjørn. The incidence of caries and white spot lesions in orthodontically treated adolescents with a comprehensive caries prophylactic regimen-a prospective study. European Journal of Orthodontics 2012; Volum 34 (5). ISSN 0141-5387.s 633 - 639.s doi: 10.1093/ejo/cjr068.
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