Bilde av Andersen, Trine Cæcilie Bræstrup
Bilde av Andersen, Trine Cæcilie Bræstrup
Medical Humanities, forskningsgruppe +4777646546 Here you can find me

Trine Cæcilie Bræstrup Andersen

Job description

PhD Student

  • Trine Cæcilie Bræstrup Andersen :
    Negotiating trade-offs between the environment, sustainability and mass tourism amongst guides on Svalbard
    Polar Record 2022 ARKIV / DOI

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    Research interests

    Collaboration and Communication in Clinical Consultations with Chronically Ill Patients: Cultural Perspectives

    The main aim of the research project is to conduct a qualitative exploration of interaction in naturally occurring consultations between hospital clinicians and patients with chronic conditions. Observational data of consultations will be supplemented by interview data collected from both clinicians and patients. While exploring their interaction and juxtaposing paired accounts of how patients and clinicians experienced them, our main aim is to gain new knowledge about a) relational factors that affect these clinical encounters in positive and negative ways, b) about barriers and facilitators of patient-centred care and c) the ways in which the wider socio-cultural context influences on their interaction.

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