Bilde av Lotfi, Arefeh
Bilde av Lotfi, Arefeh
Department of Industrial Engineering

Arefeh Lotfi

PhD Researcher

Job description

Railway Operations in Icing Conditions:

  • Numerical study of icing on Railway infrastructure
  • Ice mitigation techniques for Railway infrastructure
  • Safety and ice disaster management for Railway operations

  • Arefeh Lotfi, Muhammad Shakeel Virk :
    Railway operations in icing conditions: a review of issues and mitigation methods
    Public Transport 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Arefeh Lotfi, Jan-Arne Pettersen, Muhammad Shakeel Virk :
    Atmospheric Ice Accretion on Railway Overhead Powerline Conductors- A Numerical Case Study
    The International Journal of Multiphysics 2023 DOI
  • Arefeh Lotfi :
    Railway operations in icing conditions.
  • Arefeh Lotfi, Muhammad Shakeel Virk, Jan-Arne Pettersen :
    Multiphase Numerical Study of Atmospheric Ice Accretion on Railway Overhead Powerline Conductors

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