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There is a variety of courses  and programmes in Norwegian language and literature  at UiT. The Norwegian language courses are offered on basic, intermediate and advanced levels.

Level A1 (Introductory Level, first part), Level A2 (Introductory Level, second part), and Level B1 (Intermediate Level) are exclusively for employees and registered international students at UiT Campus Tromsø. The courses will run for an entire semester. It is possible to attend courses at the same level only once. Most courses will take place in the afternoons and evenings.

course description

Attendance is mandatory for the Norwegian courses and students are required to attend at least 80 % of the classes. Please see the links below for detailed information.

Norwegian language courses in Alta



course description

This is an advanced Norwegian language course for international students. It is equivalent to Level B2/C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and Test i norsk - høyre nivå B1 - C1 (Bergenstesten) at Folkeuniversitetet.

Emnet er åpent for utvekslingsstudenter som har de anbefalte forkunnskapskravene. Utvekslingstudenter må ta opptaksprøven på lik linje med andre søkere selv om de har fått emnet godkjent i sin Learning Agreemnet.

Utvekslingsstudenter fra avtalepartnere som er forhåndsgodkjente av fagmiljøet for Norsk som andrespråk kan få plass på kurset uten opptaksprøve.


International students study side by side Norwegian students and the language of instruction is Norwegian. However, they are exempted from the requirement of documenting "nynorsk". Also the evaluation of exams follows criteria which are adapted to the prerequisites of international students. For course description, see courses with NOR-code (spesialemner for internasjonale studenter) at the following website: 

This study programme is primarily meant for students having Norwegian as their mother tongue.  Applicants are required to document that they master both Norwegian languages fluently - both nynorsk and bokmål. Only in individual cases the programme is open to exchange or guest students and other international students.

For more information see the UiT study catalogue:

Bachelorprogram i språk og litteratur - nordisk

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