autumn 2015

BIO-3005 Seminar: Molecular Environmental Biology in Microbes and Plants - 5 stp

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Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics


Tromsø |

Type of course

Master course for biology students - principally aimed at MSc-students specializing in "Molecular Environmental Biology¿.

Course contents

Subject of the seminar will be molecular biology approaches to analyse the interaction and communication of molecules, cell compartments, cells, microbial communities, microbes and photosynthetic organisms with their respective environments. Examples from ongoing research in the Molecular Environments Research Group will provide the platform for the contributions.Topics include the communication within plant and bacterial cells, communication of cells and organisms with their environment and communication in microbial soil communities as well as plant/microbial and plant/plant associations. Techniques in focus are genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic analyses in plants, microbes and microbial communities.

Objective of the course

Students that have completed Bio-3005:

  • can present their research results using state of the art media
  • are able to exercise constructive critisism in discussion fora
  • can explain scientific work (own or from literature) to fellow students and researchers


Language of instruction


Teaching methods

Seminar: 30 hours; 1 hour weekly spread over 3 semesters


Students must regularly attend the biweekly seminar, and have an active participation in discussions. At least one oral presentation of research results during three semesters. Grade type: pass / fail


Recommended reading/syllabus

Presentations given in biweekly seminars.Examples from ongoing research in the Molecular Environments Research Group will provide the platform for the contributions.
Lectures Autumn 2015
First attendance: September 10th at 08.15, room 3104 (Naturfagbygget).
Seminar prof. Kirsten Krause


Kirsten Krause

Phone: +4777646415


Andreassen, Siv

Student advisor
Phone: +4777646381