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BED-3047 Entrepreneurial Networking and Methods in Writing BCE Master Thesis - 10 stp

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Type of course

This course can not be taken as a singular course.

Course contents

The course gives an overview of entrepreneurial networking and methods in writing a MA thesis in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship.

The course is divided into two sections:

The first section gives a brief overview of the innovation system in academic entrepreneurship and the institutions and actors involved in commercializing academic knowledge. Further, the course gives a more detailed overview of entrepreneurial networks, both general and in commercializing life sciences in particular.

The second section gives a brief overview of various methods for writing a MA thesis in the BCE programme. Further, the course gives a more detailed overview of challenges in writing an academic thesis in commercializing university based research.

Objective of the course

Objective of the course

The first aim of the course is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the critical role network and relations play in bringing a research based idea to the market. The course puts particular emphasis on how the students can build networks in a dynamic way to get access to necessary resources for commercialisation.

The second aim of the course is to give students the necessary overview of how to design their master thesis, which is to combine a practical project with a technical study, a market study and a business plan, all combined with an introduction (umbrella).

Students who have successfully completed the course should have achieved the following learning outcomes:

Knowledge and comprehension:

  • Knowledge of how to obtain resources through networks for starting a research based spin-off
  • Knowledge of how to build personal and business relations
  • Knowledge of how to use various methods in writing a master thesis in BCE
  • Knowledge of how to design an analytical thesis around commercializing a research based idea


The course should prepare the student to:

  • Analyze their networks
  • Build a strategy for how to initiate, develop and maintain networks
  • Develop a research problem, theoretical approach and methodological design for commercializing a research based idea


The student should be able to present analysis of heir own business networks and discuss weaknesses and strengths in their networking approach. Further, they should be able to connect networking to entrepreneurial teams. The students will obtain competence in how to describe, analyze and conclude in issues to academically writing. They will be able to reflect on their Master thesis as a piece of academic entrepreneurship and discuss and defend their theoretical and methodological choices in groups.

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

Lectures and seminars.


Students are evaluated through two term papers. Course work requirements: two oral presentations has to be approved.

There will not be arranged a re-sit exam for this course.


Recommended reading/syllabus

Literature will be announced in Fronter at the beginning of term or may be obtained by contacting the bookstore Akademisk Kvarter (Tromsø).
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