spring 2019

BED-2118 Project Work with research methodology - 15 ECTS

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The course is provided by

Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics


Harstad |

Type of course

This subject is open for those who have completed Advanced Marketing (30 Ects) which consists of the following 3 x 10 Ects courses:


Autumn 2017 (advanced Marketing)

  • BED- 2136 Experience Development (10 ECTS credits)
  • BED-2137 Service Management (10 ECTS credits)
  • BED-2100 Global marketing (10 ECTS credits)

Course content

The Research Methodology course (5 Ects):

  • Marketing research process
  • Defining research problem and developing an approach
  • Research designs
  • Measurement and scaling
  • Questionnaire and Form Design
  • Sampling
  • Data collection, preparation and analysis

The purpose of the research methodology course is to give students an introduction into marketing research principles. The course aims at providing the students with a methodological understanding that is necessary in order to successfully complete a research project.


The project work / Dissertation (10 Ects)

The participants choose the topic of the dissertation themselves. Nevertheless, the topic must be related to one or more of the modules of the Advanced Marketing courses.

The participants must apply an expedient method to solve the chosen thesis statement. The assessment of the project dissertation will emphasize the relevance and currency of the thesis statement for the participant and/or the company the participant works for.

The project dissertation will also be assessed based on the professional and methodological quality of the work, and to what extent the dissertation fulfils the requirements of literature and source documentation. Finally, the project dissertation will also be assessed based on the expediency of the chosen methods in yielding insight into, and answers to, the problems discussed.

Objectives of the course

The purpose of the project work with research methodology is to enhance students understanding of the field of marketing, as well as develop their competency in methodological assessment and marketing research. During their work on the thesis/dissertation, the participants must document an understanding of relevant theory, the methods employed, and the significance of an expedient and concrete thesis statement. The participants must further be able to apply theoretical and analytical skills in practical situations in a proficient manner.

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

The Research Methodology course: Lectures and student presentations.

The project work / Dissertation: Individual supervision is provided by UiT Harstad.


The Research Methodology course:

Work requirement: A one - 1 - hour multiple choice test. The students must pass this test to obtain a final grade in BED-2118.


The project work / Dissertation: The bachelor thesis / dissertation is examined by one internal examiner (most often the supervisor) and one external examiner using a grading system with grades ranging from A-F, where F is failure to pass the minimum requirement for a bachelor thesis.

In BED-2118 students must complete 2 work requirements. The first requirement is a student hand-in intended to describe the research question that the student intend to research as part of his/her dissertation, and a draft of a suitable theoretical framework (literature review). The second work requirement is a more complete project description of their project work (full research proposal), which includes a draft of the methodology chapter for the dissertation. The first work requirement (description of research question and draft of literature review) is due in mid February, while the second work requirement is due in late March. As a third requirement, students must also present the status of their work orally in front of their class after having handed in their work requirements. The coursework requirements will be evaluated by the supervisor. Students must pass these assessments in order to be eligible to write and submit the final thesis.


Recommended reading/syllabus