spring 2019
BIO-8021 Seminar: Applied bioinformatics - 5 ECTS

Last changed 12.08.2019

Application deadline

Registration deadline for PhD students at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway: September 1st (for autumn semester)/February 1st (for spring semester).

Application deadline for other applicants: June 1st (for autumn semester)/ December 1st (for spring semester).

Type of course

Theoretical. The course can be taken as a singular course.

Admission requirements

PhD students or holders of a Norwegian master´s degree of five years or 3+2 years (or equivalent) may be admitted.

PhD students at UiT register for the course through StudentWeb. The registration for spring semester starts in the middle of December, and for autumn semester in the middle of June.

Other applicants apply for admission through SøknadsWeb. Application code 9303.

Non-UiT PhD students must upload a document from their university stating that they are registered PhD students. This group of applicants does not have to prove English proficiency and are exempt from semester fee.

Holders of a Master´s degree must upload a Master´s Diploma with Diploma Supplement / English translation of the diploma. Applicants from listed countries must document proficiency in English. To find out if this applies to you, see the following list:

Proficiency in English must be documented - list of countries

For more information on accepted English proficiency tests and scores, as well as exemptions from the English proficiency tests, please see the following document: 

Proficiency in english - PhD level studies

Contact Ingjerd Gauslaa Nilsen at the BFE-faculty if you have troubles or questions regarding registration to the course. 

Course content

The subject of the seminar will be applied bioinformatics, thus focusing on the presentation and discussion of current and newly published methods in bioinformatics. In this context both own research and literature will be presented and critically discussed, especially with respect to advancements and limitations of current methods in bioinformatics and their applications. The course shall provide a forum for exchange and discussion for PhD students working in applied bioinformatics and help them to stay up to date in the rapidly advancing field of bioinformatics.

Objectives of the course

Students that have completed Bio-8021:

  • can present their research results using state of the art media
  • are able to exercise constructive criticism in discussion fora
  • can explain scientific work (own or from literature) to fellow students and researchers
  • have a good understanding of state of the art methods in bioinformatics

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

Seminar: 40 hours; 10 hours per semester over four semesters. The seminar will be held regularly throughout each semester. A presentation of ongoing own research results and discussion of current literature presented by one of the participants.


Obligatory work: Students must regularly attend the seminar and active participate in discussions to be able to take the exam. 

Exam: 4 oral presentations of research results and current scientific literature over four semesters and assessed during the last semester. Grade: Pass/fail.

Recommended reading/syllabus

Students will be required to give an active contribution either as presentation of their own research results or as presentation of current relevant scientific literature once per semester, so a total of 4 presentations.
  • About the course
  • Campus: Tromsø |
  • ECTS: 5
  • Course code: BIO-8021