autumn 2019
SAK-3900 Master Project - 60 ECTS

Last changed 18.12.2019

Type of course

Master Degree Program. Can not be taken as a singular course.

Course content

The Master Project is each student's self-defined object of study within one of the Thematic Fields. The research is determined by each student based on individual field of artistic interest.

The course is based on individual and tutored research and articulated around a forum called Open Circle. Open Circle is a forum where the student's individual projects are challenged. It is organized at least twice every term. This setting opens up for a discussion around the challenges the individual students face, and offers an opportunity to bring questions to the forum. The master's project research is to be presented at least twice every semester in the Open Circle. Open Circle requires that the students describe their methods of artistic research and contribute with a reflection on content and form of their investigation.

Objectives of the course

After completion of the course the candidate should have achieved the following learning outcome:


  • A profound understanding and critical approach within the Thematic Fields
  • An advanced level within research, theory and artistic practice


  • Ability to explore, develop, materialize and communicate artistic practice and research in a profound and clear way
  • Show independence and originality in confrontation with artistic challenges
  • Initiate, lead and complete artistic projects

General proficiency

  • Discuss and analyze complex artistic ideas
  • Reflect, connect and communicate theoretically, discursively as well as aesthetically about matters on a high level
  • Handle issues connected to professional artistic practice
  • Strong awareness of ones artistic process and a evolved capacity to perform

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

  • Individual research 
  • Tutorials
  • Forum 
  • Presentations
  • Group discussions 
  • Exhibition or other artistic event


Course requirements:

  • At least 75 % participation in the Open Circle forum
  • Essay
  • Compulsory presentations of the Master Project in the Open Circle


  • Final exhibition

Course is assessed by Passed/Failed

Re-sit exam:

If Failed the student have the right to a re-sit exam the following term

  • About the course
  • Campus: Tromsø |
  • ECTS: 60
  • Course code: SAK-3900