autumn 2019
SAK-3005 Thematic Fields Advanced - 15 ECTS

Last changed 18.12.2019

Type of course

Master Degree Program, second year. Can not be taken as a singular course.

Course content

The course functions as a platform for lectures, reading, discussions and analysis focusing on the Thematic Fields and its relation to Art. The aim is to explore theories and ideas, investigate the interrelation between artistic practice, society and theory around the Thematic Fields. From this research the students are expected to produce reflection and develop new theories, ideas as well as a language to formulate these theories.

Objectives of the course

After completion of the course the candidate should have achieved the following learning outcome:


  • A profound understanding and critical approach of the actual Thematic Field


  • Analyze, reflect, connect and communicate theoretical, discursive as well as aesthetic matters on a high artistic level

General proficiency

  • Communicate and mediate ideas and knowledge in their artistic field

Language of instruction


Teaching methods

  • Research
  • Discussions
  • Writing
  • Lectures
  • Study groups
  • Presentation


Course requirements:

  • At least 75 % participation in the lectures.
  • Active participation in discussions and study groups


  • Portfolio assessment: Individual presentation of works of art done in relation to the course.

Course is assessed by Passed/Failed.

Re-sit exam:

If Failed the student has the right to a re-sit exam the following term

  • About the course
  • Campus: Tromsø |
  • ECTS: 15
  • Course code: SAK-3005