Heidi M Hemmingsen

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Student life - see the film

Film: Nikolai Schirmer, August Schirmer, Simon Øverås and Christian Gamst Helgesen. Music: Cazadores - Islands.

Experiences of former students

Kia Johanna Uuskartano

Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Economics

I currently work for Norges Sjømatråd (the Norwegian seafood council). I started in Norges Sjømatråd as an intern in the autumn of 2013, but now have a steady job there as a system developer/analyst. I work mainly with market information and statistics. These days I am, amongst other things, working on a project where we develop new systems for market information and statistics related to the seafood industry.

I am originally from Finland, but moved to Norway in 2007. After having worked here in the north for a year, I wanted to study, and the School of Business and Economics at UiT became a natural choice for me. I think the School of Business and Economics offers a good range of studies within economics.

I enjoyed my time at the School of Business and Economics very much. I felt that there was a good connection between lecturers and students, and I received good help with both counselling and questions that arose during my studies. I was also involved with student organizations during my time at the School of Business and Economics and felt that I benefited a lot from this.