Arctic Adventure Tourism - one year programme


Are you curious about exploring the tourism industry in an arctic setting?
The one-year program in Arctic Adventure Tourism introduces students to relevant topics within arctic experience production, marketing and management.

As a student at UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Campus Alta, you will be exposed to business relevant cases, within local and regional contexts.

For Nordic and Norwegian students, apply for study through local admission by April 15th.
Deadline for international students are December 1st.

Duration:1 Years
Location: Alta
Credits (ECTS):60
Admission requirements:Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English.
Application deadline:1 December
Application code:2064

Arctic Adventure Tourism

"At Arctic Adventure Tourism er et internasjonalt studie ga meg en unik fordel i jobbjakten. Studiet ga meg en ballast som jeg absolutt får bruk for i jobben hos turoperatøren Hvitserk i dag. Reiselivet er en mangfoldig næring, så den brede kompetansen studiet gir, har kommet veldig godt med i arbeidslivet." Mats Hoel Johannesen - tidligere student

Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in the world, thus the demand for proficient workers is increasing continuously.
The one-year program in Arctic Adventure Tourism introduces students to relevant topics within arctic experience production, marketing and management.

Upon successful completion of the one-year programme, students are expected to possess the following learning outcomes:


  • have basic knowledge of tourism theory and tourism business development
  • can explain tourism as an industry system and as a social phenomenon have knowledge of the Arctic nature, society and culture, in relation to sustainable adventure tourism


  • can make use of relevant tools, techniques, and approaches in order to develop, deliver and evaluate tourism experiences in the Arctic setting

General competance

  • is able to participate in different projects, individually and as part of a team
  • is able to communicate important issues through oral and written presentation

Higher Education Entrance Qualification and certified language requirements in English.


Applicants from Norway or other Nordic countries:

  • Søknadsfristen er 15. april
  • Elektronisk søknad sendes via lokalt opptak

Applicants from outside Nordic countries:

  • The deadline for autumn semester admission applications is December 1st.
  • Online application: Søknadsweb


Are you an international applicant?

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The course activities consist of different teaching methods. Lectures will give candidates an overwiew of the theoretical field and deeper knowledge of the challenges in Arctic adventure tourism. Candidates will analyse, discuss and position their knowledge into relevant contexts. External lectures, field trips and training will lead to practical skills, and help candidates to gain an overall insight of the tourism industry. Through group work, candidates will be able to discuss subjects to gain deeper understanding. In individual tasks, candidates will use theoretical literature and examples from the tourism industry.

Candidates will receive supervision and individual guidance in writing essays, group assignments and written exams. Candidates are expected to perform independant studies, including curriculum not specified in the scheduled teaching.

Practical tasks and field trips, which take place in an natural environment, are an integrated part of this study. Candidates are required to have necessary equipment, and should expect other expenses related to these field trips.

Students will be evaluated by coursework requirements and examinations. Required attendance and assignments must be approved in order to qualify for examination. For detailed descriptions of requirements, see course description for each course.

Examination methods will vary between courses, and will generally be written home or school exams, and/or oral exams.

Upon completion of the one-year programme, the candidate can seek a career in activity and adventure companies, destination and marketing companies, within product and business development, and the hospitality industry.
With the one-year programme in Arctic Adventure Tourism, students can apply for admission to fulfill a bachelor degree in Arctic Adventure Tourism at UiT, The Arctic University of Norway.

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