Students enrolled 2011

Oliver Randin
M.Sc. graduated 2013 
Country: Switzerland 
Thesis:"Interactive governance analysis of small-scale fisheries in the San Andrés Archipelago, Colombia"

Ermis Angelogiannos
M.Sc. graduated 2013 
Country: Greece 
Thesis: Description of the demersal trawl fishery in Greece, with a focus on codend selectivity and current regulations  

Ricardo Javier Coll Torres
M.Sc. graduated 2013 
Country: Spain 
Thesis: "Research and management of competing small-scale and industrial fisheries:
A modeling study of the shrimp fisheries in Mozambique" 

Aleksandra Sherstneva
M.Sc. graduated 2013 
Country: Russia 
Thesis:"Snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) in the Barents Sea.
Possibility of harvesting a new species by the Russian fleet."

Sigmar Arnarsson
M.Sc. graduated 2013 
Country: Iceland 
Thesis:Title of the Master's thesis: "Mackerel Processing in North East Coast of Iceland
Social-, economic- and adaptability analysis of the municipality of Vopnafjörður" 

Michelle Madondo
M.Sc. graduated 2013 
Country: Zimbabwe 
Thesis: "Effects of temperature on early life stages of Atlantic codGadus morhua: A descriptive study" 

Raquel Carreira Mosquera
M.Sc. graduated 2013 
Country: Spain 
Thesis: "The causal relationship between salmon prices and share prices. Price analysis on the Oslo Stock Exchange."