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Become a sought-after Adviser in Health Services? The Master's program in Telemedicine and E-health qualifies students for challenging careers in health sectors and organizations as well as research and teaching in academic institutions. The "Health" stream is particularly cater for health care professionals who are interested in the interplay between technology and healthcare.

Duration:2 Years
Location: Tromsø
Credits (ECTS):120
Qualification:Master of Science in Telemedicine and E-health
Admission requirements:Bachelor's degree or equivalent
Application deadline:1 December
Application code:2030

The "Health" stream of the Master's program focuses on the implementation and use of telemedicine and e-health systems in complex health organizations.

Key questions to be explored in the Master's program are:

  • How to create sustainable systems and services?
  • How to spread these systems and services across dispersed health organizations?
  • The interplay between technology and health organizations.

The first year of the program is concentrated on mandatory courses. The Master's Thesis has to be completed by the end of the second year. It may be related to research activities of the Telemedicine Research Group or the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research (NSE), as well as other local and international telemedicine environments. The Thesis may be completed at the Department or at a research environment in Norway or abroad.

The "Health" stream of the Master's program offers a maximum of ten study places.


For each programme at UiT The Arctic University of Norway there are set targets for knowledge, analytical understanding, skills and competences that a student should have reached by the end of studies.

Learning outcomes for "Health" stream of the program are:

  • Share first-hand experience regarding some telemedical applications;
  • Identify potential gains, challenges and barriers related to the implementation of telemedicine and e-health in clinical practice through scientific-founded empirical work;
  • Critically appraise scientific work on telemedicine and e-health;
  • Design, carry through and write up a study relating to a topic within the field of telemedicine and e-health.

Admission to the Master's program in Telemedicine and E-health requires a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Health-related professional studies (e.g. Medicine, Nursing, Physiotheraphy, Radiography, Pharmacy).

Proficiency in English:
Students are expected to fulfill the English entrance requirements for Master's applications stated by the University.

Applicants from Norway or Nordic countries:

  • The application deadline for Norwegian and other Nordic applicants is 15 April for admission to the autumn semester.
  • Online application is via Søknadsweb, study code 3018.

Applicants from outside the Nordic countries:

  • The application deadline for international applicants is 1 December for admission to the autumn semester.
  • Online application, study code 2030.
Are you an international applicant? Read more here.

Teaching and assessment methods are described in the course plan for each course.

Teaching methods consist of a combination of regular and compact lectures, where students should attend physically on campus, and net-based lectures, exercises and assignments.  

Various assessment forms are used including group presentations, project reports and short essays.
The Norwegian grading system is applied: A-E (pass), with F as fail.
The Norwegian grading system for master's theses in Mathematics, Science and Technology (MNT) subjects is also applied.

The language of instruction and all syllabus material is English.

Study abroad can be undertaken during the second year of study after completing all the obligatory courses.

The Master's program in Telemedicine and E-health qualifies its graduates for jobs such as Project Managers and other administrative positions in Healthcare organizations. It enables its graduates to:

  • Promote and introduce telemedicine and e-health services and programs;
  • Participate in the development of telemedicine and e-health products and services;
  • Apply telemedicine and e-health services in professional healthcare.


On successful completiong of the degree programme, students may be qualified for admission to a PhD programme in a number of academic areas at UiT The Arctic University of Norway or elsewhere.


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