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Master UIT Arctic Norway

Welcome international students!

We have experienced and dedicated teams of International Student Advisers and Exchange Coordinators that are happy to assist you with questions pertaining to:

  • Syllabus & Learning Agreement (English-taught courses for exchange students)
  • Academic requirements for admission (English-taught study programmes)
  • Study Plan (English-taught study programmes)
  • Study Progression Report for the renewal of Student Visa

When you arrive at the university you will have access to modern facilities and a range of support and services, including a modern library, computing and laboratory facilities, comprehensive welfare and career support and opportunities to participate in student activities.

Lene Emilie Øye

Exchange Coordinator

Programmes of study in Law

Lene Emilie Øye
  • Master's Degree in Law of the Sea

Go to the Faculty of Law

Anne Marit Wilhelmsen

Kjersti Gausvik

Exchange Coordinators 

  • Syllabus in Science and Technology

Kai Mortensen

Margrethe Lindquist

  • Master's Degree in Geology
Svein Tore Jensen
Jan Fuglesteg
  • Master's Degree in Computer Science
Trygve Johnsen
Per Jakobsen
Helge Johansen
  • Master's Degree in Mathematics
Martin Rypdal
  • Master's Degree in Mathematics (Mathematics and Finance)
Laura Liikanen
  • Master's Degree in Physics
Georg Elvebakk
Helge Johansen
  • Master's Degree in Statistics
Ingun Johansen
Javad Barabady
  • Master's Degree in Technology and Safety in the High North

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Verena Woltering

Exchange Coordinator

  • Student exchange

Elin Holm

Exchange Coordinator

  • Syllabus in Medicine
Evy Lindberg 

Toril Hansen 

  • Syllabus in Nursing, Physiotherapy and Occuptational Therapy
Marie Jakobsen 
  • Syllabus in Pharmacy
Anine Andersen 
  • Syllabus in Medical Biology
  • Master's Degree in Medical Biology
Inger Anna Bensnes 
  • Syllabus in Dentistry
Marte Kanck 
  • Syllabus in Psychology
Judy Yu-Ying Au
  • Master's Degree in Telemedicine and E-Health
Tor Gisle Lorentzen
  • Master's Degree in Public Health
Anine Therese Andersen
  • Master's Degree in Biomedicine

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Isabelle Guissard

(Senior Adviser/exchange Coordinator)

  • Incoming and Outgoing Mobility


  • Bachelor's Degree in Arctic Adventure Tourism
  • One-Year Programme in Arctic Adventure Tourism
Peter Fischer
  • Arctic Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Bente Heimtun
  • Master's Degree in Tourism
Sigmund Andersen
Cecilie Harr Moen
  • One-Year Programme in Arctic Nature Guide

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Kirsten Zachariassen

(Exchange Coordinator)

  • Syllabus in Economics
  • Syllabus in Fishery Science
Ane-Marie Hektoen

  • Master's Degree in International Fisheries Management
  • Master's Degree in Fisheries and Aquaculture Management and Economics
Siv Andreassen

  • Master's Degree in Biology
Frank Lindrupsen

  • Master's Degree in Economics
Heidi M. Hemmingsen
  • Master's Degree in Business Creation and Entrepreneurship
Inger Lise Kristiansen
  • One-Year Programme in Advanced Marketing
  • One-year Programme in Travel and Tourism Management (Online)

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Kristian Osnes Aambø

(Exchange Coordinator)

  • Syllabus in Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
Camilla Andreassen

  • Master's Degree in Visual Cultural Studies
Kari Mathisen (on leave)
Martin Krämer
  • Master's Degree in English Linguistics
Rachel Issa Djesa
  • Master's Degree in Indigenous Studies
Christin Elisabeth Webb 
  • Master's Degree in Peace and Conflict Transformation
Jonathan Crossen(Programme  Coordinator)
Kristin Evju (Study Adviser)
  • Master's Degree in Governance and Entreprenruship in Northern and Indigenours Areas (GENI)
Stefan Holander
Ingvill Kristensen
  • One-Year Programme in English
Camilla Berntsen
Torbjørn Nymo
  • One-Year Programme in Norwegian for foreign students, I-III

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Michael Strobelt

(Exchange Coordinator)

  • Syllabus in Arts and Music Performance
Merete Elise Blichfeldt
  • Master's Degree in Contemporary Art
  • Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture

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Tor-Arne Jenssen

(Exchange Coordinator)

  • Syllabus in Engineering Science and Technology
Rune Dalmo
  • Master's Degree in Computer Science
Trond Østrem
  • Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering
Guy Beeri Mauseth
  • Master's Degree in Engineering Design
Espen Johannessen
  • Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering
Hieu Nguyen
  • Master's Degree in Satellite Engineering
Randi Bolle Eilertsen
  • Norwegian Language and Society

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Elin Margrethe Ryseth

(Exchange Coordinator)

  • Syllabus in Social Education

Information (coming soon)

  • The English version of the website is under construction.

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Housing Department

  • For questions concerning housing contacts, housing locations, housing options, rental prices, etc.
Child Care Centres
  • The Student Welfare Organisation operates the five kindergartens Breivika, Gimle, Prestvannet, Storskogåsen and Universet. The kindergartens are customized to meet the students’ needs.
Student Counselling Centre
  • The Student Counselling Centre offers individual counselling, information and some social events for students at UiT – The Arctic University of Norway.

Go to the Arctic Student Welfare Organisation of Norway

The International Office

The International Office handles international admissions, general academic issues and student services. 

The International Office handles inquiries concerning:

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