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Research areas:

Research interests

War and Conflict, Borders and Processes of Bordering, Audio-Visual Media, Film and Film Theory, Computer Games, New Media, Popular Culture, Social & Cultural Memory, Discourse Theory, Post-Foundational Theory, Liminality, Security and Securitization

Courses developed

HIF-3112: Film as Method and Data (10 credits; MA). Co-developed with Haile Seifu and Andreas Buch (both MediaLab HSL).

MDV-3050: Teori og metode for medie- og dokumentasjonsvitenskap [Theory and Method in Media and Documentation Studies] (20 credits; MA). Syllabus and lecture plan for autumn term 2017 can be accessed here.

MDV-1003: Medier, kommunikasjon og samfunn [Media, Communication, and Society] (20 credits; BA). Syllabus available here. Lecture plan available here.

HIF-3201: Image/Culture/War (10 credits; MA). Online teaching resources available here.

DOK-6301: Informasjonskompetanse i en digital tid [Information Literacy in a Digital Age] (10 credits). Online teaching resources available here.

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