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Phone: +4777620721
Research group: Sosialpsykologi

Research areas:
  • Stereotype Threat
  • Innvandring (faktorer som påvirker prestasjon av innvandrer-barn)
  • Samarbeid og konflikter mellom sosiale grupper (social identity theory, group-based self-esteem, identity management strategies)
  • Kjønn
  • Effekter for sosial ulikhet
  • Underliggende mekanismer for ‘implementation intentions’

Phone: +4777646296
Research areas:


  • [10.08.2020] New Manuscript accepted for publication: We provide a novel twist on the idea of how deliberation influences our decisions and actions (
  • Interview: Tidkrevende endring:
  • [17.04.2019] Talk at the Teap 2019 in London: Deliberation decreases the likelihood of expressing dominant responses (Torsten Martiny-Huenger)
  • [16.04.2019] Talk at the TeaP 2019 in London: How the Attractiveness of a Stimulus Influences Risk Judgements (Matthew Stephensen & Torsten Martiny-Huenger)
  • [06.12.2018] “When to think carefully and when better not: How characteristics of situations - and not characteristics of deliberation - determine‎ deliberation outcomes” (Torsten Martiny-Huenger, Talk at the Dept. of Psychology's research seminar, Tromsø, Norway).
  • [22.11.2018] "Deliberation decreases the likelihood of expressing dominant responses – Not more, not less" (Torsten Martiny-Huenger, Talk at the 19th Conference of Social Psychology and Community Psychology, Trondheim, Norway).
  • [Sep. 2018] I am recruiting a paid student research assistant (min. 100 hours, Oct.-Dec. 2018). The work includes organizing and conducting a laboratory experiment (i.e., schedule and guide participants through the experiment). If you are interested, please write a short “application” e-mail (no formal requirements) to stating your interest in the position and where you are currently in your studies (e.g., which semester, etc.).
  • [Sep. 2018] I am recruiting a “studentstipend” to work on a project on the BASICS of SELF-REGULATION and ACTION CONTROL (~170 payed hours between Oct. 2018-June 2019). Open to students at MA or Profesjon-level. If you are interested write me an e-mail to receive further information or look out for information on respective MA/Profesjon e-mail lists.
  • [Aug. 2018] I welcome Yevhen Damanskyy as a new PhD student in my work group and to the Department of Psychology. His PhD work will relate to topics of self-regulation and action control.
  • [June 2018] The winners of recent study-participation giftcards (8 winners of 500 NOK each) have been contacted.
  • [June 2018] Recently finished (2018) BA & MA theses



Study Participation Opportunities

Due to the Corona virus situation, there are currently no laboratory studies available.



Research Interests

In general I'm interested in human action control and how, for example, intentions and action plans (i.e., "thought") translate into actual actions. Another, related interest is how our actions (by selection processes) influence evaluations/attitudes for novel and socially relevant stimuli.