Prize – Centre for Sami Studies

Prize – Centre for Sami Studies


The Árdna award

UiT and The Centre for Sami Studies award a price for the best master’s thesis of the year on Indigenous issues. The Árdna Award is given to the candidate who, during the running academic year, has written the best master’s thesis on issues related to Indigenous peoples and Indigenous peoples’ situation. The prize comes with NOK 10 000.


The award will contribute to promoting interest in and visibility of Sami and indigenous issues in master’s programmes at UiT The Arctic University of Norway. The award is presented to the student who, during an academic year, has written the best master's thesis on a topic related to Indigenous peoples, submitted at any of UiT's master's programmes. The award should serve as an inspiration and contribute to the candidates' further professional development in the field.

The Centre for Sami Studies invites departments and research communities at UiT to nominate candidates for the award. The following must be apparent from the nomination:

• Who is nominated
• Written justification for the nomination, including thematic relevance for Sami and indigenous issues
• Who is the proponent

Nominations of up to 1 page should be sent by e-mail to by 15 June. Please mark the e-mail Árdnaprisen (year)
If the nominated thesis has not yet been censored within the deadline for the nomination, the grade may be submitted later.

Criteria for award eligibility:

• The thesis must be submitted during the current academic year at one of UiT's master’s programs.
• The topic of the thesis must be related to Indigenous peoples and Indigenous peoples’ situation, past or present.
• The thesis may be written in Norwegian, Sami or English and must be submitted via Munin.

Review of the nominations:
The committee to assess the nominations emanates from the Centre for Sami Studies. It shall consist of at least three members representing different disciplines.

Presenting the award:
The award is presented each year during the Riddu Riđđu festival in July. The prize includes a festival pass for the winner.

The guidelines for the award can be found here

The committee has had the following composition:

2018 and 2019
Professor Bjørg Evjen, Department of Archeology, History, Religious Studies and Theology (AHR)
Associate Professor Åse Mette Johansen, Department of Language and Culture (ISK)
Professor Torjer A. Olsen, Centre for Sami Studies (Sesam) 

Associate Professor Carola Kleemann, Department of Education (ILP)
Associate Professor Camilla Brattland, Department of Social Sciences (ISV)
Professor Torjer A. Olsen, Centre for Sami Studies (Sesam)

Contact: Hildegunn Bruland