Individual adaptation during an examination

What is individual adaption?

The objective of making individual adaptations during an examination for students with disabilities is to compensate for the disadvantages their disability causes them in an examination situation, while at the same time arranging for all candidates to be tested equally to the greatest extent possible.


Consequently, any adaptation measure granted shall be adequate, but will not always be optimal based on the applicant’s own wishes or assessment of their needs.


Individual adaptation is normally only granted for students with permanent/chronic suffering. Consequently, candidates who experience acute illness are not entitled to individual adaptation. However, if such acute illness arises just before the examination, the candidate has a right to re-scheduled examination.


Individual adaptation during an examination is regulated by Section 28 of the Regulations for examinations at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

How to apply for individual adaptation during an examination

You can apply for individual adaptation if you have special needs during an examination.


The student must submit any application in Word format to the Academic Affairs Section within the deadline for registering for the examination for the relevant adaptation(s). The application must be supported by a recent medical certificate or specialist’s declaration, unless such adaptations are not of a medical nature.

You can submit your application via eDialog or send it to:


UiT Norges arktiske universitet

FUF v/fellestjenesten for eksamen og vitnemål

Postboks 6050 Langnes



If you have any questions, please contact Line Gaare.

Requirement for documentation
To ensure the practicing of individual adaptation of examinations is as fair and reasonable as possible, UiT The Arctic University of Norway has sent a letter to medical centres/expert bodies outlining the requirements for documentation. Please ensure that your doctor is aware of this letter. Feel free to print a copy of the letter and take it with you.

Deadline to apply for individual adaptation during an examination
The application deadline is 15 February in the spring semester and 15 September in the autumn semester for ordinary examinations.


The application deadline is 15 January and 15 August for re-scheduled and re-sit examinations. 

Dispensation from these deadlines is only granted in completely unique cases, and is regulated by Section 8 of the regulations for examinations. Applications for dispensation should be sent as an e-mail to the faculty with responsibility for holding the examination. Applications for dispensation received more than four weeks after the application deadline will not be processed.

Brief details about the most common inconveniences examination candidates experience with examinations:

  • Candidates who cannot sit an examination owing to acute suffering are not normally entitled to individual adaptation, cf. Section 30 of the regulations for examinations. Students with acute suffering do not have the right to use a computer.


  • Candidates with specific reading, writing and mathematical difficulties may receive the provision of a computer with a spell checker to sit the written examination, cf. Section 31 of the regulations for examinations. Documentation from the candidate’s therapist is required. For electronic examinations using the Flowlock web browser, this will normally involve spell checking via the web browser. If you have any questions related to this, please contact the student administration at your faculty.
  • Candidates suffering from allergies or asthma are not given individual adaptation of examination, cf. Section 32 of the regulations for examinations. In serious or special cases, candidates may be given additional time to rest and/or take necessary medication.


  • Pregnant candidates are given an additional 20 minutes to rest during written examinations of up to three hours’ duration, 30 minutes for examinations of three to five hours’ duration and one hour for written examinations lasting five hours or more, if the examination is held in the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy, cf. Section 33 of the regulations for examinations. Documentation of the baby’s anticipated due date is required.


Candidates for whom Norwegian is a foreign language receive additional examination time, cf. Section 34 of the regulations for examinations. This arrangement does not apply for students on English-taught programmes or students who had Norwegian as their second language at upper secondary school. Moreover, it does not apply to candidates taking courses in Nordic languages.

Last changed: 25.08.2020