Illness in connection with examination – right to re-scheduled examination

For the autumn semester of 2020, UiT has made it possible for students to submit a self-certification when absent from exams. This is stipulated in the Temporary Exam Regulations. Self-certification provides the opportunity for a postponed exam.

If you are prevented from participating in the autumn semester 2020 exam due to illness or other compelling reasons, you can submit a self-certification.

Self-certification is registrered via this form

Self-certification/medical certification needs to be submitted within one week of the exam/deadline for submitting your exam.

Be aware that you cannot submit an answer paper if you submit a self-certification.

The deadline for signing up for postponed exams is August 15 for the Autumn semester, and January 15 for the Spring semester. Signing up is done via Studentweb.

If you are sick at the time of the exam, and do not submit your self-certification/medical certification, you will not have the right to an extended test. By not being present, you will have spent one of your three attempts at the exam.



Re-scheduled examination is an extraordinary examination that is held for candidates who were suffering from acute illness in connection with the ordinary examination. Please note that acute illness is defined as illness that arose less than 14 days before the actual examination.

If you are ill on the date of the examination, in order to have the right to re-scheduled examination, you must deliver a medical certificate to the faculty that is holding the examination no later than a week after the first examination for which the medical certificate applies (Autumn semester 2020 you can submit a self-certification).

The medical certificate must contain details of which examination(s) it applies for, as well as the duration of the period of illness. A medical certificate intended for submission to employers will not be approved as valid medical documentation. The certificate must relate to the examination in question. Details about the period of illness are important, both in order to confirm that the illness is acute and so that the Examination Office can set a date for the re-scheduled examination. In accordance with Section 21 of the regulations for examinations, the re-scheduled examination shall be held as soon as possible after the reasons for absence have ceased, and normally no later than two months after the start of a new semester. In practice, there is often more than one candidate who has right to re-scheduled examination in the course so the date is set so that all these candidates can sit the examination at the same time.

In order to be able to sit a re-scheduled examination, you need to register for the examination via StudentWeb by August 15 in the autumn semester and January 15 in the spring semester.

NB! You cannot cancel registration for re-scheduled examination.

If you do not attend the re-scheduled examination or withdraw from it, you will not have an opportunity to sit another re-scheduled examination. In such cases, you have to wait for the next ordinary examination in the course. This also applies if you are prevented from attending the re-scheduled examination owing to illness. If you fail the re-scheduled examination, you need to wait until the next ordinary examination to re-take the examination, cf. the regulations for examinations.

Illness during the actual examination: 
If you fall ill during the actual examination, you need to fill in a withdrawal form. You are informed on this form that you need to seek immediate medical attention and submit a medical certificate to the faculty/department that held the examination within a week in order to have the right to re-scheduled examination.

Illness in connection with examinations that comprise of several parts: 
With respect to illness that arises during examinations that comprise of several parts, e.g. a home examination + supervised written examination + final oral examination, when you sit the re-scheduled examination you do not have the opportunity to re-take any parts of the examination that you sat during the ordinary examination, cf. Section 21 of the regulations for examinations. 

Home examinations: 
If you suffer from acute illness before or during a home examination, in order to have right to re-scheduled examination you need to submit a medical certificate to the faculty that arranges the examination no later than a week after the submission deadline for the home examination passes. With respect to examinations that comprise of several parts (e.g. a home examination + supervised written examination + oral examination), in some cases you will need to sit all the parts as re-scheduled examination, while in other cases only some of the parts. This will depend on the duration of the period of illness as well as on the examination system. For instance, a candidate that is ill during the home examination may be well again on the date of the written examination. If the candidate shall also have a final oral examination after the written examinations, in this case he/she shall only have the home examination and oral examination as re-scheduled examination.

Last changed: 11.11.2020