Re-sit examination

A re-sit examination is an extraordinary examination that may be held for candidates who failed the last ordinary examination. Re-sit examinations are not held for candidates who fail re-scheduled examination or other extraordinary examination.

The deadline for registering for re-sit examination is August 15 for the autumn semester and January 15 for the spring semester. You register for re-sit examination via StudentWeb.
NB! You cannot cancel registration for re-sit examination.

Access to take a re-sit examination at the university varies. The following three alternatives are all practiced:

(1) Open continuation: Everyone who failed the ordinary examination has access to a re-sit examination.

(2) Conditional continuation: If a re-scheduled examination is being held in a course for candidates who were ill and have registered for re-scheduled examination, candidates who failed the examination will also be given the opportunity to participate. If no one was ill, candidates who failed the examination need to wait until the next ordinary examination.

(3) No continuation: Everyone who failed needs to wait until the next ordinary examination.

Last changed: 14.12.2015