How to request an explanation of grade:

Deadline is one week after the grade is announced.

First, please check that you not already have received an explanation in Wiseflow. You may find a shared explanation by choosing the correct exam, and "See feedback", here:

Click See feedback in Wiseflow

If you have not received the explanation here, you may proceed via Studentweb.
Under the top menu button More, select "Exam appeals".

Select Exam appeals

Find the correct course and click the button "Request explanation of grade".

select request explanation of grade

You will then see a predefined form:

select Send form

Click "Send" to make the request.

You may expect to receive the explanation within two weeks. You will be notified by email. The explanation will then be accessible via Studenweb, by following the link, like in the picture below:

follow the link to read the explanation

Last changed: 20.11.2020