Electronic exams - Electronic Exams

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Electronic exams at UiT are BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). This means that all electronic written exams are carried out on students own laptops. To make sure the computer is up for the task it must meet certain requirements. Here you can read about the general requirements that are needed and how to download obligatory software. You may also find practical information about the exams and how to hand in home exams.

Today UiT offers electronic exams at seven locations: Harstad, Narvik, Alta and Tromsø, Mo I Rana, Bodø, Hammerfest and Kirkenes. We also hold some electronic exams in Oslo. The software used for the exams is called WISEflow. WISEflow is sometimes also used for handing in course requirements, but more often we use Canvas for this.

Support number during exams: 776 20 880


Last changed: 27.11.2020