General rules of conduct (written exams)

You must arrive at least 30 minutes before the examination starts, and be seated at your desk no later than 15 minutes before the examination starts.

The exam desk
Desks that are to be used for the examination will be clearly marked, and the Examination Regulations will be provided. If you have been granted individual adaptation you will be provided with a designated desk marked with your name. Only the following is allowed on the exam desk:

  • Food and drink
  • PC (only for electronic examinations)
  • Writing materials
  • Valid ID
  • Any permitted examination support material

Outerwear and personal belongings
The invigilators will show you to the designated area for outerwear and other personal belongings. The following must be placed there:

  • Outerwear (jackets, coats etc.)
  • Bags, handbags, backpacks etc.
  • Mobile phones and other communication equipment. These must be switched off.
  • Wrist watches – both digital and analog
  • Any items you have brought, that are not allowed on the exam desk

You may not use wireless computer mouse or wireless keyboard. 

You may not use mobile phones or other communication equipment during the examination. If you have brought communication equipment, please turn it off, and place it in the designated area. 

Wrist watches are not allowed during the examination; this includes analog wrist watches. If you are wearing a wrist watch, please take it off, and place it in the designated area.

Examination support materials
Permitted examination support materials will be specified in the examination question paper – if no examination support materials are specified, no such materials are allowed. 

If you are found in possession of support materials that are not specified in the question paper, this will be regarded as an attempt at cheating. 

Valid ID
Please have your ID ready on your desk. If you are not able to show valid ID, you will not be allowed to sit the examination.

Using the restroom
When you need to use the restroom, the invigilator will specify which restroom you are to use.

Breaks should be restricted to 10 minutes at a time (If you have been granted resting time, you are exempt from this). Candidates who are on break simultaneously, may not in any way communicate with each other. You may not visit any store during your break. If you have your break outside of the examination building, please stay close to the entrance. You are not permitted access to newspaper, other written materials, or electronic equipment, during your break.

Fire protection instructions for examination premises
If the firealarm is triggered, all candidates shall immediately leave the premises together and await further instructions. Attendance shall be on holding location.

The completion of the written examination can generally not proceed, and the examination will be canceled. If it is considered likely that the students have not had the opportunity to talk about the examination paper outside the examination guards oversight during the evacuation, examinations may proceed. Execution of oral or practical examination may optionally proceed after the evacuation situation is over.

Withdrawal during examination
If you wish to withdraw from the examination, you will have to fill out the form “Withdrawal during examination”. You will have to do this even if the reason for withdrawing is illness. In the case of illness, you will have to hand in a medical certificate to your faculty within 48 hours, if you wish to sit a re-sit examination.

If you hand in a blank answer sheet, this will be regarded as a withdrawal.

If you have handed in a withdrawal sheet, or handed in your answer early, you may not leave the premises until 1 hour after the start of the exam (period of quarantine).

After handing in the examination
Please leave the premises immediately upon handing in your examination, or after the period of quarantine has expired. Please remain calm after handing in, and leave the premises quietly. Please refrain from speaking to fellow students until you have left the premises.


Carrying out the examination

Electronic examinations
Turn on your computer and log in to the exam system immediately upon arrival. The examination question paper will be made available in the exam system the moment the examination starts. The exam system will input your candidate number automatically into your answer paper. Participant registration will commence shortly after the start of the examination. You will have to show valid ID, and sign the list of candidates.

Once the examination time has expired, it will no longer be possible to keep writing. You will be able to see the time remaining at all times in the exam system. Your hand in must be checked by an invigilator before you may leave the premises.

Paper examinations
The examination question papers will be handed out the moment the examination starts. Cover pages with examination sheets and rough paper sheets will also be handed out. Participant registration will commence shortly after the start of the examination. You will have to show valid ID, sign the list of candidates, and will be provided with your candidate number. Please write your candidate number on your cover page.

When the examination time has expired, the invigilators will announce this. You will then have 15 minutes of added time, to be used for filling out the cover page, and the headers on all of your exam sheets – you may only use the added 15 minutes for the cover page and headers. The headers must contain the following information: candidate number, date, page number and course code. Please do not write your name on your answer paper. You may only hand in whole sheets. If you need to correct a page number, please cross out the incorrect number, and write the correct number beside it.

It is entirely your responsibility to have your answer paper ready for hand in when the 15 minutes have expired. In other words, the invigilators are not responsible for readying and numbering your answer paper, if you have not been able to do this in the allotted time. If you have not finished numbering and readying your answer paper when the 15 minutes have expired, the invigilator will seize your answer paper. The answer paper will be put in an envelope as is, and the envelope will be sealed, marked with your candidate number, the time, and a brief explanation to why the answer paper is not readied.

 You may not bring examination sheets with you from the exam premises – neither blank nor written sheets.                                                         

Last changed: 03.10.2019