Application for dispensation from deadlines for examination registration

I - Dispensation from deadlines for examination registration

The deadline for registration for examinations at UiT is 1 February for the spring semester and 1 September for the autumn semester. In exceptional circumstances, you may be granted dispensation from these deadlines on grounds of documented applications.

The legal basis for special circumstances for dispensation from the stipulated deadlines is described in Section 8 of the Regulations for examinations at UiT. Dispensation may be given in the following exceptional circumstances:

1. Sickness on the final day for examination registrations (as documented by a medical certificate).

2. A bereavement in the immediate family (as documented by a civil servant).

3. The first semester an international student is registered at the university.

4. When the student is participating in group work that forms a direct part of the examination in question, and the examination cannot be implemented for the other students in the group without this student being involved.

5. The examination(s) in question will lead to the completion of a degree at the University of Tromsø.

6. In other special circumstances.

II - How to apply for dispensation

If you meet any of the special circumstances mentioned above, you may apply for dispensation from the stipulated deadlines for examination registration. Please use this application form. The application can be sent to The circumstances cited as the grounds for the dispensation must be documented (as in, for instance, medical certificate).

Please note:

Applications sent later than four weeks after the registration deadline will not be considered.

Last changed: 27.05.2020