Appeal concerning procedural error

Procedural errors connected to an examination may be appealed according to section 5-2 of the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges (not translated).

Procedural errors may, among other things, be errors in the exam question paper or the assessment guideline, or errors relating the examination arrangement.

How to appeal

Deadline for submitting an appeal for procedural error is three weeks after the time the student was aware or should have been aware of the issue. The appeal must be written, grounded and it must be clearly stated in the appeal that it is a formal appeal concerning procedural errors. 

Send your appeal letter to the Faculty the course belongs to. You can also check the Course Catalogue to find out about the department that provides the course.

If the appeal is not met by the faculty, the appeal will be further processed and in the end ruled on by UiT's Appeals Commitee.

Possible outcomes

If an error has been made which may have affected the assessment of your exam, or your performance during the exam, the initial grade will be annulled, and a new exam arranged. If the error may be rectified through a new assessment, the paper will go through a new assessment with new assessors.

Last changed: 14.07.2020