Oral exam on Zoom

These instructions are designed to help students prepare for oral examinations implemented via video calls. This guide is based on our recommended tool, Zoom, but it is also possible to implement oral examinations via Teams, Skype for Business and Adobe Connect. Many of the points below will apply regardless of the digital tool used.

Work flow on an oral exam on Zoom:

Initial preparations

  •  Start by
  • Check your connection, light and video well before the examination.
    • Use https://uit.zoom.us/test to test your connection. We recommend doing this at least two days before the examination, so there is time to receive support or borrow equipment if needed. Please contact Orakelet if you experience problems you are unable to solve yourself during preparations.
    • If the student advisor or person with academic responsibility has arranged a test examination, this will serve as an adequate test.
  • We recommend using a headset to achieve optimal sound quality.
  • You must have a camera, which must be turned on during the examination. This enables you to communicate as well as possible and for the examiner to identify you.
  • Have valid ID available as you may be asked to show this during the examination.
  • Decide where you will sit during the examination. Ensure that...
    • There is no noise
    • You have a stable internet connection
    • You will not be disturbed during the examination
    • The lighting conditions are adequate
  • You will be sent a meeting link and time for your oral examination by e-mail and/or in Canvas.

If you have not received this, please contact the student adviser for the course or send an e-mail to eksamen@hjelp.uit.no

During the examination

  • The support line during the examination is +47 776 20 880.
  • You are NOT permitted to make recordings during the examination. 
  • Be ready early, at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • Have valid ID available.
  • To join the examination:
    • Click on the meeting link or pasting it into your browser
    • Open Zoom Meetings
    • Select Join with Computer Audio
      Select Join with Computer Audio. Note that you can test your speaker and microphone before entering the waiting room.
    • You should now enter the virtual the waiting room and wait until you are admitted to the examination by one of the examiners.
      • If you experience problems starting the Zoom app, you can join the examination via your browser. We recommend using Chrome or Edge. In this case, click on Join from your browser
        Select Join form your browser.
      • You will then be asked to enter your name and password. Write your full name. You will find your password on the e-mail containing the meeting link, or in the Canvas room where you found the meeting link.
  • The virtual waiting room looks like this:


  • You will now have your oral examination. The “room” will look like the photo below. When you enter the meeting, you need to turn on your sound and video by clicking on Unmute and Start Video. If you need to share the screen during the examination, click on Share Screen.

Remember to turn on your sound and video when you enter the meeting!

  • When the examination is finished, the examiner will move you back to the waiting room. If the examiner will notify you of your grade immediately, you need to wait in the waiting room until the examiner readmits you to the meeting. However, candidates are sometimes notified of their grade later. If you are unsure how you will be notified of your grade, ask the examiners.
  • Remember that the “request for an explanation of the awarded grade for an oral examination (...) must be made immediately on notification of the grade. This request shall be directed to the examiner(s)”, cf. Section 45 of the Examination regulations at UiT.

Last changed: 16.11.2020