Self-certification for coursework requirement

The temporary regulations allow students to take exams, even if you are prevented from completing work requirements before the exam due to illness or other special circumstances.

This applies to autumn semester 2020, and you must submit a self-certification.

Special circumstances can be illness for children you care for, death in close family or problems occurred due to the corona situation.

Please contact the course coordinator or student adviser, who will ensure that you are given another opportunity to complete the coursework requirement(s). When you contact them, please attach a copy of the reply email that you will receive when submit your self-certification via the form below:

Self-certification for coursework requirement is registrered via this form

There will be some course where the work requirement is absolute, even if you have submitted a self-certification. Please clarify this with your student adviser or the course coordinator. 

If you complete the exam without approved work requirements, but you have submitted a self-certification:

  • Please note that your results from the examination will not be formally approved until the coursework requirement(s) is/are approved. 
  • You will still be told which grade is given on the course (most often via Wiseflow), and you will still have the right to request for an explanation of a grade, to appeal a grade and access to take a re-sit examination if it is offered on the course.
  • Contact exam services or your student adviser if you have questions.


This self-declaration only applies for coursework requirements. If you are prevented from taking your exam in the autumn semester 2020 exam due to illness or other compelling reasons, you can submit a self-certification. That will ensure you the possibility to retake the exam during the resit time, spring 2021. If that is the case, remember you’ll have to register for the resit exam by January 15th, on StudentWeb.

Last changed: 12.11.2020