Infection control measures for exams on campus

If you are ill, stay home

If you are in quarantine, are ill or have symptoms of a respiratory infection, flu or other infectious diseases, it is important that you stay at home and do not show up at the examination room. 

The temporary regulations allow students to take exams, even if you are prevented from completing work requirements before the exam due to illness or other special circumstances.

This applies to autumn semester 2020, and you must submit a self-certification. Self-certification for coursework requirement is registrered via this form

When you are in the examination room, it is important that you adhere to the current infection control rules: 

  • Keep your distance to fellow students and vigilators
  • Everyone must use alcohol-based hand disinfection upon arrival
  • In situations where we can not maintain the 1-meter rule, we request the use of face masks
  • You must not sign for attendance as usual, the vigilators will register your attendance during the ID check. Please place your ID on the desk so that the vigilators can register your name without touching your card
  • Avoid queues and crowds in the examination room

In addition there will be extra cleaning during and between each exam.

When it comes to oral exams on campus, similar infection control will be ensured.

Last changed: 20.11.2020