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Research ethics


The National Committees for Research Ethics
Etikkom: Publications and Guidelines
Comittee on Animal Experimentation (Norw. only)
Ombudsman for protection of personal privacy (Norw. only)


Statement on ethical evaluation in EU-projects (2018/255) by The National Committee for Research Ethics in the Social Sciences and the Humanities (NESH). (Information from Norwegian Research Council)

The European Charter for Researchers


If you suspect there has been a breach of research ethics guidelines at UiT, you may report the case to the relevant faculty or to the Research Administration and Education Quality Section at this address: olaug.husabo@uit.no.


Act on ethics and integrity in research (Source UiO)
Act on processing of personal data (Source UiO)
Act on medical and health research (Source UiO)
Ethical Guidelines for the Public Service

UiT ethical guidelines

Handling of questions regarding research ethics
Supervision at the University of Tromsø

UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)  has in all aspects of research and scientific work a responsibility to prevent dishonesty and to ensure that researchers at the university is aware of and follows the central framework for research ethics.

On the institutional and legal side, regulations often focus on actions to be taken when dishonesty may have occurred, more than on clear ethical norms to be fulfilled.

Charter & Code. UiT has endorsed the European Charter for Researchers containing several notes relevant to research ethics, and providing bearings for both researchers and institutions.

Supervision of Bachelor, Master and PhD students. The university has decided special guidelines.

Personal information and data in research projects. Such projects need to be approved; this includes student-projects.

Contact for the Ombudsman for protection of personal privacy at UiT: Sølvi B. Anderssen, FUF, phone: 7764 6153. There are also contacts at the Faculties.

Animal Experimentation: special regulations apply. Please contact the Animal Department at the Faculty of Health Sciences



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