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How to become a student at our PhD Programmes

In order to become a PhD student you have to either apply to a position that is advertised, or be employed at an external institution that will fund the PhD study.  The positions are advertised at jobbnorge.no and some positions at euraxcess as well. Links to available positions as provided in the right hand column.

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Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics

Fields in natural sciences: biology, resource management, biotechnology

Fields in social sciences: business administration, economics, resource management, organization and management, marketing.

Faculty of Engineering, Science and Technology

Programme: Applied Mathematics and Computational Engineering

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Faculty of Health Sciences

Fields: medicine, medical biology, health and care sciences, pharmaceutics, odontology, psychology, telemedicine.

Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

Fields: archaeology, documentation science, philosophy, history, art science, literature and culture, education, tourism, religion, community planning and cultural understanding, social anthropology, sociology, linguistics, political science.


Faculty of Law

Field: law
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Faculty of Science and Technology

Fields: physics, geology, information science, chemistry, mathematics, statistics.

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