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Research at Faculties

Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Population surveys and biobanks
  • The major common diseases, clinical research
  • Research in the intersection between medicine and marine biology (marine bioprospecting)
  • Basic research
Faculty of Science
  • The Arctic and the High North
  • Space, space technology, bio technology and functional genomics
  • Marine related research
  • e-Science and information technology
  • Energy, climate and environment
Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education
  • Citizenship, Encounters and Place Enactment in the North
  • Creating the New North: Manifestations of central power in the North AD 500-1800
  • Encounters and Cultural Transfers in Hispanic Literature
  • Border Poetics
  • The Human Security Program
  • Future oriented identity construction during adolescence in different contexts of socialisation
  • Counter-culture and peaceful social resistance
  • Building interdisciplinary theory and research on social change and peace
Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics
  • Aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, climate, life in the arctic
  • Marine bioprospecting, fish health, marine alimentary products
  • Business and macro economics, resources and environment
  • Markets and management of marine resources
Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Professional development work within the arts field
  • Audience directed activities: conserts, exhibitions, performance, recordings, etc.
  • Music theory and pedagogy
Faculty of Law
  • Legal issues pertaining to Arctic/High North
  • Sami Law
  • The Law of the Sea

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