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Are you interested in being a Visiting Scholar?

The Centre for Sami studies at the UiT The Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø welcomes applications from scholars who may want to spend a period of 3–12 months at the University to conduct independent research on a topic relevant to the work of the centre and the University community as a whole.

UiT The Arctic University of Norway is an international centre for the study of Sami issues in particular, as well as for issues relating to indigenous peoples and minorities in general. The University also holds a particular national responsibility as far as Sami and indigenous research and higher education are concerned. Sami research is an area of priority. The Visiting Scholar arrangement targets researchers both at an early stage of their career as well as academic seniors. It seeks to provide opportunity for visitors to work alongside the centre staff. It is designed to foster academic and inter-cultural exchanges, and promote innovative partnerships between academic institutions. It is anticipated that Visiting Scholars will play an active part in the intellectual life of the centre during their visit. More information about the Centre for Sami studies and our activities are found here: www.uit.no/sesam

In order to realise these objectives, Visiting Scholars will be expected to:

  • Share field experiences, work in progress and research findings at lectures, seminars and other public forums
  • Make contributions to on-going and/or new research projects, materials for publication and teaching, and capacity building
  • Interact with centre staff, students and other Visiting Scholars in residence
  • Interact with other UiT staff and students whose teaching and research profile intersect with the Visiting Scholar's


Scholars may normally stay from 3 to 12 months and may start at any time during the year.

Funding and Expenses:   

Visiting Scholars do not carry an emolument and the Centre for Sami Studies does not offer a stipend. It is advisable that all interested applicants should firstly research the likely costs associated with living in Norway before proceeding with an application. There are no fees involved, and prospective Visiting Scholars are thus expected to arrange funding to cover food, accommodation and other incidental living expenses. The Centre for Sami studies can provide letters of recommendation in support of grant applications.


The Centre for Sami studies will provide free office space, including telephone, computer, internet, and photo copying and library facilities.  Standard university accommodation can also be arranged, provided that the request is received well in advance of the starting date of the fellowship.


The Visiting Scholar arrangement is open for all persons with a strong academic engagement, and documented interest in Sami and/or Indigenous issues. Prospective applicants must satisfy at least one of the following criteria:

  • Doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars and other professional academics

Application Procedures:

There is no application deadline, but enquiries and applications must be received at least 4 months before the proposed starting date of the visit. To file a formal application, please provide the following information:

  • A current curriculum vitae
  • The proposed length of stay
  • One reference letter
  • A brief statement of purpose, emphasising:
                      (i)  research theme
                      (ii)  scholarly and/or applied relevance of the project  
                      (iii) intended project output (i.e. book, article, report, capacity building)
                      (iv) how a fellowship will facilitate the intended output
  • A brief work schedule for the entire visiting period


If you need further information, please contact Head of administration Hildegunn Bruland (hildegunn.bruland@uit.no).  All applications should be submitted by regular post or e-mail with attachments to:

Centre for Sami Studies
UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Postboks 6050 Langnes

E-mail: postmottak@sami.uit.no  

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